Báo cáo thực hiện

A Forest Monitoring System is being developed for forest cover change monitoring and reporting purposes for VNFOREST by FORMIS project. System development services are procured from  Information and Communication Technology Department for Natural Resources and Environment (CIREN). The Forest Monitoring System is intended to facilitate the planning, implementation and reporting processes in VNFOREST at all levels. Furthermore, the System is to provide reliable up-to-date information needed for decision-making in a timely manner, and to provide a consistent database that covers forest resource data, planning and operational data used for reporting processes. The Forest Monitoring System includes both desktop application and Web based application.The main purpose of the Web applicationis to produce reports of the forest cover changes and other changes in the forests. The desktop application is for editing the forest status map data (both spatial and attribute data); this means that the user can enter and update the changes in the forests to the system through the desktop application. The system has been designed so that it is possible to update the forest status map in the desktop application even if there is no Internet connection available. The edits can be sent to the central Forest Resource Database to the server at the PMU when the Internet connection is available. The Forest Monitoring System is synchronized with maps and one can work at forest status plot level. The System will be able to generate 28 different reports. A user manual of the System is available.

The web-based component of the system is accessible via this link.