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Starting the phase 2 of NFP Facility activities in Viet Nam

Starting the phase 2 of NFP Facility activities in Viet Nam

Although the sum supported by the Facility is modest, the impact on the Viet Nam's forest sector is significant. Activities of NGOs and community-based organisation became an important information channel which can contribute to policy dialogue at government level. The reflection of analysis, researches and piloting models can serve as good tools to help improvement of the Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy (2006 – 2020) implementation. Therefore, the Facility's continued support is always highly appreciated by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other stakeholders, especially local NGOs and association with little funding sources.

To continue the success of the phase 1, with approval from the Facility, Viet Nam is moving to the phase 2 by a launching workshop which was held in Hanoi on 18 April 2011 by Forest Sector Support Partnershop Coordination Office, the national focal point of the Facility. The new objective for Viet Nam in this phase is to establish, manage, protect, develop, and utilize sustainably forests and forest land, improve forest coverage and forest land, forestry economy development, sectoral contributions to national socio – economic development, poverty reduction, and environment and biodiversity conservation, as well as delivery of environmental services. The new identified priority areas include policy analysis, information sharing and capacity building.

At the workshop, besides NGOs, which are the traditional recipient organisations of the Facility, government agencies, research institutes, forestry universities and civil associations have also attended. In addition to the launching, also a call for proposal was established. The participants had a chance to be informed of new priorites, principles of submitting proposal, screening procedures, the result-based management approach of the Facility and other relevant issues related to the call.  All the information has been uploaded to FSSP website also for transparent and public purpose. It is hoped that there will be good proposals covering "hot" issues of the sector and fitting the prioriy areas from various stakeholders will be submitted by 10 May, which is the deadline for calling. The phase 2 will tentatively be ended in February 2012 for preparation of the phase 3.

Viet Nam officially became a partner of the National Forest Program Facility in 2004. There are total 11 projects and activities supported directly to Viet Nam forestry sector until now via information sharing, capacity building, pilot models and policy analysis.