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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Training service for Advanced QGIS Training of Trainers

The Development of Management Information System for Forestry Sector in Viet Nam – Phase II (hereinafter 
referred to as ‘FORMIS II’) project is implemented by the Viet Nam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) 
under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The purpose of FORMIS II is to develop a fully 
integrated Management Information System (MIS) for sustainable management of forest resources and in this 
way contribute to the alleviation of poverty in the socio-economic development framework of Vietnam. FORMIS 
II key activities are to create information standards and information sharing mechanisms for forestry sector, to 
develop and maintain a centralized Information and Technology (IT) platform and portal within VNFOREST, to 
create capacity for forest related information management and to set up a Forest Information Centre/IT Unit 
within VNFOREST.   
The project is funded by the Government of Viet Nam and the Government of Finland. Niras Finland Oy as a 
lead consultant, in collaboration with GFA and Green Field Development, provides technical assistance 
services for the project. FORMIS II, started in May 2013, is implemented during the period of 5 years. The 
project continues the work started in FORMIS Phase I (2009-2013).  
The capacity building is one of the core results of the FORMIS II.  For sustainable reasons, the capacity 
building interventions from the Project will be sufficient to maintain and to operate the modern information 
system. In Nov.-Dec. 2014, the FORMIS II conducted two Training of Trainers (TOT) courses on basics of 
QGIS and training skills for 18 provinces, regional Forest Protection Departments (FPDs) and VNFOREST. The 
five TOT courses on Advanced QGIS will be deployed in October – December 2015.  
The overall objectives of the TOT courses are to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge and skills on 
Information Technology (IT) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, connected with the 
knowledge of the modern forest information management to be able to disseminate the skills to VNFOREST 
central and field offices’ staff. The participants of the advanced TOT courses will be trainers to the other 
VNFOREST staff in 60 provinces, regions and the central unit. 
FORMIS II hereby invites service providers to submit a proposal for implementing five TOT courses in 
provinces of Thanh Hoa, Quang Ninh and Binh Duong during October - December 2015. A contract will be 
concluded between the FORMIS II and the selected service provider.  The procurement is based on the Finnish 
legislation. Procurement procedure for minor contracts is applied for this service procurement. 
The training package consists of five 5-day events: 1) advanced knowledge and skills in using QGIS software, 
GPS and the other supporting tools - specifically the skills needed for forest resource monitoring work and in 
the use of the FRMS application; 2) GIS data and data quality; 3) basics of satellite images and image analysis 
(visual); 4) the use of GIS analyses and the data sharing system on forestry. All events will be implemented in 
October – December 2015 (in Binh Duong 2 courses, in Quang Ninh 2 courses and in Thanh Hoa 1 course). 
The appropriate training material for the courses and for later use is part of the expected outputs.
Request for Proposals, with Instructions to Proposers, selection criteria and specification of service can be 
obtained from http://formis.vnforest.gov.vn/en/web/home/news  or email bids.formis2@gmail.com
Deadline for proposal submission is 5.00PM (Ha Noi local time), Monday, October 12th 2015. The proposal 
should be delivered to the following address: 
Development of Management Information System for the Forestry Sector in Viet Nam, Phase II
West Lake Suites, Floor 2, No. 31 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi
Attn: Procurement Advisor
For inquiries on the project, the assignment and the selection process, please contact us by email 
bids.formis2@gmail.com (no telephone call).
Please find the attachment file here